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We make sure that you have the right pension planning for your retirement.

Pension planning is a very complex area and we can help by breaking down the different types and options available to you at your current stage of life. We can discuss your arrangements and if they will be able to provide the right level of income for you when you reach retirement, whether that be in 5 or 35 years’ time. We can also discuss your available State Pension and if you need to make extra contributions to top up the amount received to the full amount available.

Automatic Enrolment, employers now have to offer workplace pensions to every eligible employee, and we can discuss the type of plan that you have been entered into or if you are an employer, what plans are available to you for your workforce.

Defined Contributions are a type of workplace pension that you contribute to via your employer, these can be complex so advice in this is always best sought.

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